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Pure genius – System technology at its best

Fintec is the only technology partner in Germany that has specialised in the finishing process for washed laundry and rental textiles. At our plant in Gersthofen, in the district of Augsburg in Germany, we develop and produce high-performance technology for the professional finishing, conveyance and folding of garments and flat laundry items. Fintec-Markentechnik optimises the quality of laundered items and services across the field of textile services.

Our integrative Vario concept has convinced customers around the world. Textile service companies of all sizes and corporate structures put their trust in Fintec system technology, with its robust designs, extremely high level of variability, practical and detailed solutions, and long service life.


Reaching the world

Brand quality from Bavaria has given us our reputation: solid engineering, durability and practical concepts. Even our very first ironing machines were able to be smoothly integrated into existing production structures, thereby ensuring an outstanding fabric quality.

Since then, we've continued the development of this integrative approach even further. Fintec finishers, transport system and folding units can be easily integrated into trusted production structures, thereby providing support for in-plant logistics. All of the machinery and facility details are able to interact expediently.