Components according to Fintec standards: made in our own factories

Components according to Fintec standards: made in our own factories

Stable mechanical engineering for best performance: this requirement for finishing technology has already been fulfilled by our founding fathers.
We have established ourselves worldwide with our quality concept. In order to strengthen the solid foundation of the Fintec brand again, we founded two new production companies: the ferrocut GmbH in Kissing and ferrocover GmbH in Meitingen. This way we ensure the high-quality production of components, not only for our own machines. It already shows off: that was a good decision.

The use of modern system technology in the entire dry work is an economic necessity for all laundries and leasing companies, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers and employees. At the same time, the interaction of every single module of a finishing plant, the engagement of every single working step, makes an economically meaningful digitization of the production process in the textile service sector possible. This means that a fully automatic and digitally controlled processing of molded parts or dry laundry only works if the machines are already designed for continuous, long-term load-bearing capacity.
That is what we focus on.

Fintec's pioneering spirit ensures development

For almost 30 years we have remained true to our principle of developing and manufacturing all machines in our own headquarters in Gersthofen.

For almost two years we have gone one step further to ensure that all components of our systems meet our high-quality requirements: in June 2017, the Fintec management founded the ferrocut GmbH in Kissing, a company for sheet metal processing, steel construction and component manufacturing. In March 2018 the ferrocover GmbH for powder coating and surface finishing in Meitingen was found.

In both production plants near our headquarters in Gersthofen, components for Fintec machines are manufactured, powder-coated and finished. The short communication channels are a decisive advantage. Our teams have a direct influence on development, production and quality assurance, as well as the opportunity for continuous development of all machine components.

That's why our partners can count on Fintec machines to deliver consistent product quality, reduce maintenance and minimize downtime. This applies to every single Fintec machine and every module in our Vario system: from the VarioLoad infeed of items via our high-performance VarioJet tunnel finishers to the VarioFold and VarioSort folding and sorting systems.

The production plant of Fintec Textilpflegesysteme GmbH in Gersthofen

(Foto: Fintec)