VarioLoad and VarioTrans

the direct route to your goal

VarioLoad and VarioTrans – the direct route to your goal

Laundries and textile service providers of all sizes have recognised the advantages of variable and extendable complete solutions. Fintec also offers industry-relevant, integrative and configurable system technology in the goods transport sector. With our Vario conveyance technology, we guarantee the logistical capability and reliability of our customers.

A key component for quality assurance is our Fintec-Vario special hanger, suitable for all versions of VarioLoad, which guides the garments through the entire finishing process.

As with all Fintec developments, efficiency, long service life and flexibility are central to the design. Thanks to the variety of options we offer (such as the choice between an accumulating conveyor, circular conveyor or ascending conveyor), we are able to comply with individual customer requests and meet the individual requirements of every company.

Make it easier to feed in items

The automatic VarioLoad garment hanging station enables optimum variability and a fast, flexible pressing of a variety of garments.

Optimise item transport

VarioTrans ensures the ergonomically well-engineered feeding in of garments and efficient, in-house transport of items.