Fair conclusion: VarioFold convinces the world market

Fair conclusion: VarioFold convinces the world market

Energy efficiency and reduced workload are still up-to-the-minute topics. That wasn’t a surprise for us. Of course, we already knew before the ExpoDetergo, that quality requirements continue to increase worldwide in line with the need to produce as sustainably as possible.
As a specialist for laundry finish and shaped part processing, we know the needs of the laundry market across national borders. With our needs-based detailed solutions for Fintec Vario system technology, we were once again able to consolidate out image as an internationally recognized brand supplier.

At the shared booth with our sales partner in Italy, Se.Te.L, Servizi Tecnici Logistici s.r.l., we presented a logistical fully developed process chain, based on a representative excerpt from our Vario Program: a VarioFold F 85-A in combination with the transport system VarioTrans and a infeed station VarioLoad with a new digital terminal.

Focus on detailed solutions for folding technology

The trade visitors were able to convince themselves that the VarioFold F 85-A works exactly and with the desired folding even at maximum capacity. The fully automatic Fintec folding system folds up to 1.200 pieces per hour, in almost every kind of garment and packing. It can be combined with individual sorting units. Our customers were also thrilled about the improved version of the VarioLoad, thanks to our new digital operator terminal.
Another highlight at the fair was our Fintec automatic hanger, which enables a dimensionally stable finish process of for example ultra light garments like t-shirts and polos.

Perfect finish of garments to the last instance 

This wish was the focus ot all discussions. It was emphasized just how important technical details are for a consistently quality-oriented processing of shaped parts. The visitors were particularly intrested in the Fintec detailed solutions like optional half folding of t-shirts, automatic length measurement of top parts and adjustment to the thickness of garments as well as a trouble-free folding of garments with light strips.
For us this was again the confirmation that our work for the further development of the Fintec Vario system and the intensive preparation of the fair paid off. The response to our Vario folding technology has exceeded all expectations.