KM 25 collar & sleeve press – stability down to the detail on the collar

Our customers can achieve a top-class finish for shirts by extending an HF 95 shirt finisher to include the KM 25 collar & sleeve press (for quick, automatic precision pressing and shaping of shirt collars and sleeves). This combination enables an economically attractive shirt service, and its technical perfection, energy efficiency and output efficiency are truly impressive.

Increase output

Thanks to the highly effective under-table heating and a spring covering made from V2A compression springs, the KM 25 reshapes collars, lapels and sleeves to perfection.

Feel the quality

Alongside the perfect look, the quality is also palpable. The details applied to shirts, such as on the collars and sleeves, hold significantly more securely.

Ensure safety

A safety frame integrated into the heating plate cowling, as well as internal steam, condensate and compressed air lines ensure safety in the workplace.

The key details

  • Integrated safety frame (in the heating plate cowling)
  • The steam, condensate and compressed air lines are contained within the full cowling
  • Digital time adjustment
  • Spring covering on the lower table (with under-table heating) made from V2A compression springs
  • Constant sequence of movement during pressing (no readjusting)
  • Electronic controls