DRB 40 double buck press – double the power for double the output

You can finish a wide variety of garments in different cuts and sizes fast, efficiently and to a high level of quality with the DRB 40 double buck press, which processes around 100 items per hour (depending on the material, residual moisture and steam operating pressure).

Protect the material

Highly elastic shapers adjust automatically to the relevant volume; their constant pressure protects textiles, particularly the seams of the garments.

Achieve optimum performance

The harmonious sequence of movement when moving clothes dummies in and out, coupled with the ergonomic thought-through design increase the level of output, while a rodless cylinder and precise ball guides prevent the garments from slipping.

Make work easier

Operation is facilitated by the freely selectable and programmable parameters for processing, while the clothes dummy manufactured from Alutherm minimises the energy use. A powerful extraction fan fixes the front and rear sections in place: the laborious task of unfastening buttons is now a thing of the past!

The key details

  • Electro-pneumatic PLC controller with operating display
  • Non-slip step plates, safety bars on both sides of the infeed opening
  • Automatically closing doors (optional), electrically protected rear service door
  • Low heat and noise emissions
  • Program selection via 4 function buttons (a further 99 customer-specific programs freely programmable for each function button)
  • Digital time adjustment
  • Daily and total units counter
  • Maintenance display