DTB 50 revolving table press – always working at the right rhythm

Strictly speaking a “two in one” machine, the DTB 50 revolving table press comprises two flat-table presses. A frequency-controlled geared motor, with “Approach” and “Positioning” speed fields, ensures even and jerk-free turning movements of the table. Safe working is ensured by features such as the emergency stop function.

Increase output

Utilising this cycle of operations gives a much higher per-head performance, with considerably lower energy consumption.

Optimise smoothness

An outstandingly smooth finish is achieved thanks to the slightly convex under-table with spring covering (V2A compression springs), while the spraying unit installed as standard makes for a top-class pressing experience.

Make the workplace safe

Safety and ergonomics are achieved by means of the safety frame integrated into the heating plate cowling and the supporting table with swivelling range, secured to the machine frame using contact strips. All steam, condensate and compressed air lines are contained within the cowling.

The key details

  • Can be steam heated, electronically heated or oil heated as preferred
  • PLC controller
  • Timer for configuring pressing time
  • Safety equipment: rotation halted immediately via the safety bars and torque control
  • Pressing procedure via safety frame