DHB 80 trouser press – for any pair of trousers

With the DHB 80 trouser press, perfectly processing trousers of all imaginable styles, cuts and sizes is a manageable task. From super-slim styles to extra large sizes: highly elastic shapers automatically adjust to the volume of garments to be processed and ensure they are completely smoothed out. An hourly throughput rate of approx. 80 pairs of trousers is also realistic (depending on the material, residual moisture and steam operating pressure).

Protect the material

Textiles and seams are protected thanks to the constant air pressure in the shapers.

Increase throughput

This is possible thanks to the easy-to-use and fast rhythmic operation. While the first pair of trousers is still being processed within the press, another pair can be fitted onto the second buck.

Guarantee quality

Fitting on the garment is easy thanks to the height-adjustable buck. Garments are transported smoothly and without jerks thanks to the rodless cylinder and precise ball guides. The result: perfectly correct pressing of every one of the individually packaged pairs of trousers.

The key details

  • Electro-pneumatic PLC controller with operating display
  • Digital time adjustment
  • Daily and total units counter
  • Heat diffusion and noise emissions kept to a minimum thanks to closed machine design (excluding the infeed opening)