Tunnel finisher

Switch to comfort climate: the future of garment finishing

VarioJet FTS – brings garments into their comfort zone

The tunnel finisher generation VarioJet FTS G and D (FTS 106, 206, 306, 406) optimises the drying and finishing of garments, with an hourly throughput rate of 450 to 1,900 items depending on your requirements (dependent on type of garment and type of material, ratio of blend and residual moisture).

Optimise finish

Performance capabilities are increased thanks to an innovative air conduction principle (with five separate climatic zones) developed by Fintec and extended infeed and outlet zones.

Guarantee smoothness

The Fintec air conduction principle enables significantly higher air speeds and the resulting improvement in the quality of the finished garment is clear to see.

Channel energy effectively

Recirculating the exhaust air and operating the fans using frequency converters results in an increase in output in the double-digit percentage range – while simultaneously reducing energy consumption!

Cater for variety

The Vario concept is all about ensuring the highest possible levels of variability. This includes offering a variety of options, for example the choice between steam or gas heating, or between chain driver or worm drive, or about the positioning of infeed and outlet zones.

The key details

  • Microprocessor controller, touchscreen terminal, digital fault display
  • Individual adjustment of temperature, spray steam, units/hour, fan power (70%–110%) via frequency converter for a wide variety of textile types
  • Division into 5 climatic zones
  • Complete insulation on all sides
  • Linear, seamless transport of garments with spacing between items
  • Two powerful, variable high-temperature fans per heating chamber
  • Recirculation of exhaust air
  • Swing doors convenient for service