Fintec is growing - now also represented in South Korea

Fintec is growing - now also represented in South Korea

It's powerful and energy-efficient: the Fintec Vario System for a molded part finish. The management of the Catholic Medical Center (CMC) in Seoul, South Korea, is also convinced by this and has invested in a variable system for its new, state-of-the-art laundry in order to position itself with the right technology for the future.

The Catholic Medical Center, which is responsible for the medical care of the affiliated hospitals, nursing homes and dormitories, is one of the oldest and most respected universities in South Korea. The 20-year-old laundry has now been completely modernized and equipped with resource-saving finishing technology that is geared towards expansion. A further expansion of the textile supply by the CMC is planned: in addition to the two facilities currently supplied by the textile service provider, three more are expected to be added by the end of 2019.

Opening accompanied by the cardinal

The official opening of the new laundry was attended by one of the highest dignitaries of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Heesong Son Benedictus.

Together with the guests, he had Fintec's powerful Finish technology explained to him, a fully automatic vario system for flexible processing of different molded parts and types of goods for the respective needs in the healthcare sector. The heart of the Fintec system in Seoul is a VarioJet FTS 306 D tunnel finisher. The molded parts are insert into the System on three VarioLoad loading stations in order to feed them to the system.
The VarioTrans transport system combines the individual processing steps in a seamless finishing process. 1,500 Vario automatic hangers ensure reliable passage of the hanging garments.

Gowns, jackets, surgical gowns, trousers or nightgowns are shaped in a fully automatic process and folded exactly and according to customer requirements on two folding machines VarioFold F 85 A. The customers in Seoul are also enthusiastic about the modern PLC technology of the Fintec folding machines with cycle times in the nanosecond range.

The Vario idea has been successfully established 

When visiting our factory in Gersthofen, the contract partners from Seoul were surprised by the efficient structures and the flat hierarchy, which makes it possible to react quickly to individual customer requests. They also found that the majority of all components are manufactured in our own factories. The BnH Corporation recognized the ideal technology partner in Fintec and finally processed the order for an extensive, joint project in August 2018.

The key to success is the direct dialogue between Fintec, the decision-makers and, above all, the users of the technology. With the laundry in Seoul, Fintec now has another fantastic reference for its market presence in this region of Asia.

You can also take a look of the corresponding report in the german journal WRP Wäscherei + Reinigungspraxis. (Published with the permission of the SN publishing house Michael Steinert)