Fintec's transport and sorting technology with WinWash®

The perfect symbiosis for finishing, transporting and sorting molded parts on a large scale

The basis for energy-efficient molding finish according to our formula for success is proven machine technology made in Germany.

Through our cooperation with WSP Systems BV from the Netherlands we are now continuing this tradition. For large-scale digital finishing processes, we integrate their WinWash® software into our transport and sorting systems. This cooperation with WSP Systems enables us to provide technology modules for the transport and sorting of molded parts in very large quantities.

Of course, we continue to deliver our smaller transport and sorting systems with the proven Fintec software. With the WinWash® option, we are primarily addressing large companies. At the same time, we offer all Fintec market partners the opportunity to increase their capacities and services. We achieve the perfect symbiosis for the greatest possible output and maximum performance in garment transport and sorting.

WinWash® corresponds to our system idea. All modules, components and requirements within the finish process are linked: design, control and monitoring of the entire logistics process. Buffer capacities are used to achieve an optimal flow of garments with minimal downtime and delays. WinWash® creates order, says WSP Systems as a developer. What this order or the order of the processes looks like in practice is adapted to the respective requirements of the company.

In line with our Fintec philosophy, the focus is also on simplifying all work steps. For example, the retrieval of items of laundry based on the delivery day - freely configurable in WinWash®. The software enables insights in real time and thus the greatest possible transparency.

Like Fintec, WSP Systems is a company with flat hierarchies and direct contacts. We are close to the needs of our customers. Together we can now develop even more 'sporty' solutions for the transport and sorting of molded parts.