F 65 garment folder

two-in-one for double the performance

F 65 garment folder – two-in-one for double the performance

With the F 65 garment folder (for automatically feeding in lab coats, shirts and jackets in a single work step), Fintec has systematically implemented the principle of the division of labour.

Manual placement of the garment to be folded is separate from the automatic folding procedure in the same machine. The maximum hourly throughput rate of 330 items increases the productivity and profitability of textile service providers.

Facilitate positioning

Thanks to the V-shaped design, the garment is positioned on the supporting table (on one side of the “V”) with the buttons facing upwards. No more fiddly turning of items!

Speed up the process

The operator can place the next garment on the machine, which can be operated from both sides, while the fully automatic folding procedure is still taking place.

Increase output

Safe working is ensured thanks to the separation of the two work steps; it is practically impossible to reach into the machine while it is in operation. The adjustable working height makes for better performance and handling comfort is ensured thanks to the high level of automation.

The key details

  • Electro-pneumatic, freely programmable PLC controller
  • Hourly throughput rate of approx. 330 items
  • Two or three lengthwise folds can be selected
  • Split-function principle (V-shaped design)
  • Self-actuating folding start
  • Can be operated from both sides
  • Adjustable working height