System technology

Vario makes all the difference

System technology – Vario makes all the difference

Textile services are about more than just providing clean laundry: demands in terms of the quality of goods and services are continuously increasing, and despite high energy prices, companies providing laundry and textile services have to adapt to the requirements of their private and industrial customers, which are also increasing. In addition to this, such companies also have responsibilities towards their employees, society and the environment. All in all, this requires an optimum level of performance capability and flexibility.

fintec makes it possible

By developing our Vario concept, we have provided system solutions that offer our partners optimum variability while also catering to a variety of levels: from infeed (VarioLoad) and transport (VarioTrans) to high-performance finishing (VarioJet) through to precise folding (VarioFold). System technology from the Fintec brand optimises all the finishing processes in the field of dry work. 

All system modules can be integrated into existing technical concepts; machines are compatible with the laundry technology of other manufacturers. This means that equipment can be moved or retrofitted at any time. Fintec systems make growth possible.