Texcare International 2016: System diversity in the digital world

“Industry 4.0 – intelligent networking” is a key topic at Texcare International 2016. We adapted our system concepts to the increasing digitalisation in the business area of textile service. We are presenting our latest developments in laundry technology with optimized operating displays and mobile control systems.

Our particular strength lies in our development of constant improvement of the system technology. All displays have been reengineered in order to make them easier to handle and more user-friendly. In future, our customers will of course be able to control their systems via tablet computer. 

We understand technology development as a continuous process in close consultations with the users. Each system has the state-of-the-art technology and software components which are designed on a needs-oriented basis and which are produced in the plant in Germany.

Finish technology for the world market

At Texcare 2016 we show a variety of possibilities at a model system: a Vario garment system which consists of the tunnel finisher VarioJet 106G (gas heated), a loading station VarioLoad, a transport system VarioTrans and a fully automatic folder VarioFold F 85-A. Another product highlight is the optimized new version of the dry work folding machine VarioFold TR 45. It folds extremely thick as well as extremely thin garments without prior sorting. One of the most popular exhibition items is the proven Fintec Revolving Table Press DTB 50.

Due to consistent concentration of the provision of systems for dry work, the German provider Fintec created a unique position in the international market. Our national and international customers value our comprehensive structures, the direct contact to all responsible persons and also the personal relationships.

We look forward to meet our customers from all over the world in Frankfurt.