Trust is now more important than ever: Made in Germany - one of Fintec's quality features

Trust is now more important than ever: Made in Germany - one of Fintec's quality features

During this time, our consistent positioning "Made in Germany" proves to be helpful and economically viable. And especially now we are offering our partners in the textile service sector technical innovations for the increasingly necessary digitization in laundry finishing.

As many others, we too had prepared for the international trade fair in Frankfurt. Now the Texcare International will take place in November 2021. Regardless of this, our customers benefit from our further developments, which of course we did not only advance because of the Texcare ahead.
The fact that the trade fair was postponed again is a signal for the extremely tense situation in the industry, writes the trade press. In a current special on the subject of finishing technology, the Wäscheri + Reinigungspraxis (WRP) magazine takes up the Fintec innovations in order to keep their readers up-to-date on modern options for energy-efficient digitization.
The pandemic has made it clear once again that many companies still have a lot of catching up to do in this field; especially since the competitive situation in our industry will remain tense.

Operational data acquisition for consistent digitization

We support our customers with new technical possibilities: from simplified maintenance to modulation of performance, especially for our high-performance tunnel finisher VarioJet as the heart of our Vario system technology for optionally fully automatic molded part finishing.

  • Our expanded operating data acquisition system (BDE) - for all machines and modules - ensures even greater efficiency and the opportunity to digitize all processes.
  • In addition to the collection of standard data, complex data can now be documented and evaluated.
  • A special feature is the option of data transfer to higher-level IT systems (à Open connectivity). The open connectivity enables the consistent digitization of all
    finishing processes.
  • We provide our customers the greatest possible flexibility - not a closed system, but the connection to higher-level IT Systems.

Safety and flexibility 

Right now, we cannot demonstrate to our customers what opportunities arise from this in Frankfurt. Instead, we inform you via all proven communication channels: online, by phone and directly. This way, we can also provide our international customers with spontaneous help.

  • We guarantee production and delivery security through the availability of the majority of machine components from our own production.
  • We generally offer our customers reliability and flexibility through our independence as a manufacturer with their own production and suppliers.
  • In regards of support, our partners now also have Extended security by a remote support contract, which can be subsequently concluded for existing projects.

Why our solid mechanical engineering is the safest basis for digitizing finishing processes in laundries and leasing companies, you can find out now in the trade Journal WRP. You can also find the german article from the journal here.

If you want to learn more, please contact us directly. We look forward to personal contact.