the first step in the right direction

VarioLoad – the first step in the right direction

A smoothly functioning finishing process starts with the energy-efficient infeed of items. The smaller the effort, the easier and more efficient the task of feeding in items will be. This is where our ergonomic design comes into play.

Ensure you can cater for variety

The technically advanced concept enables optimum variability and thanks to this it can provide fast, flexible pressing of a variety of garments. Holding sections within the transport system ensure that there is a rational and error-free work flow.

Facilitate feeding in

In order to be able to meet tough requirements, the infeed station can either be operated from one side or both sides and the height is continuously adjustable, which means that people of a range of heights can feed in up to 400 garments per hour with ease and without any discomfort.

The key details

  • Station can be operated from both sides
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Capacity: up to 400 garments per hour
  • Variable working height, continuously adjustable by 200 m
  • Fully automatic feeding in and separation of the empty hangers from the storage magazine
  • Non-slip fixing to push on the garments
  • Built-in ascending conveyor to feed the loaded hangers into the conveying system before the finisher
  • Built-in control cabinet
  • All the drive units, including those of the ascending conveyor, are controlled by frequency converters

The VarioLoad E model is an attractively priced alternative to double-sided operation: VarioLoad E is your option for single-sided operation.

Save energy

The VarioLoad concept is the first, easy-to-implement step towards a fully energy-optimised finishing process.