VarioFold TR 45

for every task in the field of dry work

Variofold TR 45 - for every task in the field of dry work

Fintec automates the classic, manual tasks of the laundry. The VarioFold TR 45 dry work folding machine is the result of the systematic further development of our successful energy efficiency concept and with it we are meeting all requirements in the field of dry work.

Increase productivity

The VarioFold TR 45 handles all the time-consuming operations of folding, sorting and de-stacking of dry laundered items in various formats (bath sheets, sauna towels, hand towels, woollen blankets, nappies, laundry bags, etc.).

Minimise sorting

In the standard version, the maximum size of an item to be folded is 1,200 mm in width and 1,800 mm in length, while the hourly throughput rate (maximum of 1,200 items) depends on the length of the items. The task of presorting items is now a thing of the past!

The key details

  • Electro-pneumatic PLC controller with dialogue display
  • Transport system drives powered by frequency-controlled motors
  • Item counter and elapsed time indicator
  • Programme selection via colour touchscreen display
  • 2 lengthwise folds, 2 cross-folds, 3 stacking belts
  • Automatic selection of folding formats/stacking locations
  • Folding formats freely programmable
  • Vacuum-assisted folding surface
  • Programmable stop for quality control
  • Automatic length measurement
  • Lengthwise folds using folding slide and folding patterns
  • Both cross-folds are reverse folds
  • Automatic item recognition
  • Automatic ejection of items that are too long
  • Quantity- or height-based automatic removal of the completed stack

Work flexibly

The individual folding formats are configured via a touchscreen operating terminal or a PLC controller; all the parameters specific to laundered items are stored in the programme. The length of the items is automatically detected prior to every folding station.