fintec cabinet sets

the classic choice for optimal flow

Fintec cabinet sets – the classic choice for optimal flow

Cabinet sets from Fintec allow economically attractive production processes to be designed, even on a small scale or as part of smaller operations. This concept has proven its value worldwide in real-life laundry applications. Cabinet-based technology from Fintec conforms to modern system technology.

The classic Fintec cabinet set consists of three specialised machines

  • KMB 10 combination press
  • AB 30 sleeve press
  • DRB 40 double buck press

Optimise processes

The goal of cabinet-based technology is to ensure optimum production flow. Machines that are intelligently coordinated with each other link the individual processing steps.

Combine quality

Every machine performs its special role by processing a specific part of a shirt or lab coat. The combination of the three “specialists” ensures an optimum finish.

Increase productivity

The smooth processing procedure ensures a reliably high level of product and service quality.