VarioFold F 85 M and VarioFold F 85 A

bring on variety!

VarioFold F 85 M and VarioFold F 85 A – bring on variety!

It’s all in the name: within the Fintec Vario system technology, the VarioFold model series also offers the highest levels of variability and the option for fully automatic garment folding.

Different types of lab coats, jackets, operating theatre gowns, trousers, overalls, night gowns, etc., with different packaging are folded and prepared for transport using the VarioFold F 85 M (manual) and VarioFold F 85 A (using automatic hangers) high-performance garment folders. Thanks to state-of-the-art PLC technology with cycle times in the range of nanoseconds, the VarioFold garment folders achieve ever more exact folding accuracy.

Increase throughput

The consistent separation of the individual folding operations allows hourly throughput rates of 900 items to be reached (depending on the type of garment) and with consistently high folding quality. Stacker with standard pressing unit ensures accurate de-stacking of the precisely folded garments.

Select operating mode

What sets the VarioFold FT 85 apart in terms of its variability is the option to select whether items are fed in manually or automatically. The hanger feed-in mode can be subsequently switched from manual to automatic at any time.

Increase productivity

Vario system technology enables seamless transition from the VarioFold F 85 to the VarioTrans system. The logical interconnection of garment folding and transport ensures smooth processes and creates the necessary conditions for achieving optimum utilisation of capacity.

The key details

  • Electro-pneumatic PLC controller with dialogue display
  • Item counter for trousers/lab coats, elapsed time indicator
  • Transport system drives powered by frequency-controlled motors
  • Vacuum to help hold the items on the folding surface
  • Separate stations for lengthwise folding and cross-folding
  • Automatic length measurement
  • Lengthwise folds using folding flaps and folding pattern
  • First or second cross-fold as a reverse fold
  • Quantity- or height-based removal of the completed stack
  • Automatic recognition of pieces, i.e., lab coats or trousers
  • Trousers programme can be selected (waistband up/down)n)