UNI 20 universal press – covers the entire range

Reliable textile quality is now demanded by both private and industrial customers. Flexible services are also seen as a desirable bonus. It is our stated aim to provide variability. The UNI 20 universal press covers this need for the entire range of both garments and flat laundry items.

Increase output

High per-head output can be achieved thanks to the heated lower table and the ease of operation of the machine, which also means that your employees will not become quickly fatigued. All sequences of movement are smooth and harmonious thanks to the easy-to-reach controls and the ergonomic overall design.

Guarantee quality

Working in combination with the under-table heating, the spring covering on the lower table, made from V2A compression springs, ensures outstanding quality.

Work with reliability

Digitally configurable pressing times enable optimum processing conditions for a variety of textile items and materials.

The key details

  • Integrated safety frame (in the heating plate cowling)
  • The steam, condensate and compressed air lines are contained within the full cowling
  • Digital time adjustment with residual time display; supplied as special equipment with actual time display
  • Spring covering on the lower table (with under-table heating) made from V2A compression springs
  • Electro-pneumatic control of the mechanical functions